Community support

Start by browsing the relevant documentation to see if you can find an answer to your question.

There is a Renjin tag on

If you still need help, then send a message to the renjin-dev mailing list. You can find past messages and answers at which is embedded below.

Commercial support

BeDataDriven provides commercial support for Renjin. For example:

  • R and Renjin training (remote or in-house);
  • Custom development on Renjin to improve performance of a specific use case;
  • Ensuring that Renjin will run a specific CRAN/Bioconductor package;
  • Custom development of solutions or integrations built using Renjin;
  • R(enjin)-as-a-Service: deploy and scale R applications in the cloud;

If interested, please contact us by email at .