New developer documentation and other news

We're are pleased to announce that we have completed a initial draft of a completely revised guide for Java developers that want to use Renjin in their applications and/or R developers that want to write extensions (packages in R parlance) for Renjin. This new guide is now hosted by the fine folks at ReadTheDocs and can be found at We welcome your feedback on this: the source code is hosted on GitHub so you can actively contribute to the documentation!

Last week also saw a new release candidate for Renjin: 0.7.0-RC7. Our goal for the final 0.7.0 release is to improve Renjin's compatibility with GNU R especially with R's base package. To help us get there, we have imported the thousands of micro-tests that were created by a team at Purdue University as part of their effort to create a test-driven specification of the R programming language (see the abstract of their poster at the UseR!2013 conference in July last year). Another tool in our goal towards greater compatibility is our build server for CRAN packages. This fully automated build service includes functionality for regression testing which allows us to evaluate Renjin's evolving ability to load and use the 5500+ packages currently available on CRAN. We plan to update soon to reflect the latest build state of each package.

Very exciting is the addition of the necessary functionality to create packages for Renjin. Head to the Writing Renjin extensions chapter in the new developer guide to learn about how to build and install packages that can be used by Renjin.

The current road map for Renjin is to have the JIT compiler finished for version 0.8.0 and full compatibility with the S4 system is planned for version 0.9.0. Stay tuned!

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