You can use Renjin as a standalone application, either in a simple GUI or from the command line, or as a package in a Java application. Select on of the download options and read about the prerequisites and the installation instructions below.

Java Library

Available for all platforms

Add Renjin to any Java, Scala, or other JVM project and run R code with the standard Java Scripting API. You can find details on adding Renjin to your Gradle, SBT, and other types of projects in our Project Setup Guide .

Renjin Studio GUI

Available for all platforms

The Renjin Studio GUI is no longer maintained. If you'd like to use Renjin in a GUI we recommend that you try out Ride .

Command Line Tools

*nix and macOS platforms

Prefer working in a terminal? Download a ZIP archive with the latest build and look in the bin folder for the renjin executable.


Renjin will run on any platform with a JVM installed. Therefore, if you want to run Renjin, you need to have installed at least version 8 (or greater) of the Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE). If you haven't, then download and install it from .

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