OLAP Server icCube 6.5 Released with updated Renjin integration

icCube is a high performance and real-time analytical and visualization engine that includes a real-time OLAP server with support for the MDX query language.

icCube uses Renjin to provide support for the R language within their server so that users can call R functions from their MDX queries, for example:

  /* creates the vector of n normal distributed values */
  CONST FUNCTION randomVector() as R!rnorm(500, mean=0.5, sd=0.25)

  /* quick check that is the same 'random' vector at request level */
  MEMBER [var 0.5%]      as R!quantile(randomVector(), 0.05 )
  MEMBER [median (Java)] as randomVector()->median()
  MEMBER [median (R) ]   as R!quantile(randomVector(), 0.5 )

  /* an example to calculate the histogram, us p so the sum is 1.0 */
  MEMBER [p-(,0)]        as randomVector()->phist(NULL,0)
  MEMBER [p-(0,0.25)]    as randomVector()->phist(0,0.25)
  MEMBER [p-(0.25,0.5)]  as randomVector()->phist(0.25,0.5)
  MEMBER [p-(0.5,0.75)]  as randomVector()->phist(0.5,0.75)
  MEMBER [p-(0.75,1.00)] as randomVector()->phist(0.75,1.0)
  MEMBER [p-(1.0,)]      as randomVector()->phist(1,NULL)
    [Measures].allmembers - [Measures].members on 0
FROM [MyCube]

Read more on icCube's integration with Renjin in their product documentation.

Read more at Renjin's blog or subscribe to the blog's RSS feed.

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