Join us at the RIOT workshop at UseR 2019

This Thursday, we're excited to co-host the fourth workshop on R Implementation, Optimization and Tooling (RIOT), during the 2019 UseR! Conference in Toulouse.

The UseR!2019 conference in Toulouse

The workshop brings together those working on the internals of the GNU R virtual machine as well as those working on alternative implementations such as Renjin, for a deep dive into the R language, compilers, and interpreter optimizations.

I'm especially excited to join Luke Tierney, the author of GNU R's bytecode compiler, together with Stepan Sindelar and Jan Vitek for a panel discussion on the challenges of compiling the R language which is famously dynamic.

See the complete schedule and talk abstracts.

Read more at Renjin's blog or subscribe to the blog's RSS feed.

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