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  • Renjin update at EuroBioc2017 (2017-12-05)

    Parham shared an update on Renjin compatibility with BioConductor at the EU BioConductor Workshop in Cambridge

  • OLAP Server icCube 6.5 Released with updated Renjin integration (2017-08-29)

    The OLAP Server and Interactive Analytics solution icCube uses Renjin to provide access to R functions and packages from within their MDX query language.

  • Renjin Docker image available on Docker Hub via o2r (2017-08-28)

    The o2r project has made an Dockerfile for Renjin available on DockerHub

  • R for Processing (2017-08-10)

    The Processing.R project uses Renjin to enables users to write Processing sketches using the R language.

  • Highlights from UseR! 2017 (2017-08-01)

    What we learned about R and compilers from the 2017 R user conference.

  • Renjin at UseR! 2017 (2017-07-20)

    The Renjin team gave presentations on the new renjin package, advances in S4 support in Renjin, and the latest progress in optimizations.

  • Renjin on Spark (2016-11-25)

    There is a growing interest in combining Spark with Renjin, because Renjin and Spark are both Java-based tools. Here we highlight some these projects.

  • Presenting Renjin's JIT Loop Compiler at RIOT 2016 [video] (2016-07-03)

    Watch a recording of Alex's presentation on Renjin's Just-in-Time Loop Compiler.

  • Recording of the Introduction to Renjin webinar [video] (2016-03-04)

    Watch a video recording of the Introduction to Renjin webinar which took place on March 3rd.

  • Sign up to our first Renjin webinar (2016-02-02)

    We will have our first Renjin webinar on Thursday March 3, 2016 from 17:30 to 18:15 GMT (London time). Read up on the topics and use the link to sign up.

  • Introducing GCC-Bridge: A C/Fortran compiler targeting the JVM (2016-01-31)

    GCC-Bridge is a C/Fortran compiler targeting the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that makes it possible for Renjin to run R packages that include "native" C and Fortran code without sacrificing platform independence.

  • A critical look at the anyNA() function in R (2015-12-30)

    The anyNA() function was introduced in GNU R in version 3.1.0 using what has become a fairly common approach to solving performance issues in GNU R. What is this function trying to solve and how does GNU R's solution compare with Renjin's approach to improving performance?

  • The new (2015-09-14)

    Renjin's new offers continuous builds of CRAN packages for Renjin users, but is also part of a larger strategy to improve package management for R users running Renjin

  • Alex Bertram presents Renjin at the RIOT Workshop in Prague [video] (2015-09-09)

    Follow along as Alex Bertram explains some of the optimizations that have been implemented in Renjin as part of our collaboration with Hannes Mühleisen from CWI.

  • GenBench: real-world genomics benchmarks for R (2015-08-28)

    R is a popular language in the field of bioinformatics and the Bioconductor project has become the main repository for extension packages and data formats. In this post, Ieuan describes 'GenBench', a suite of benchmarks to test the performance of GNU R and Renjin for genomics.

  • Renjin presented at the R Summit & Workshop in Copenhagen (2015-06-28)

    BeDataDriven was invited to attend the special workshop on the R programming language taking place right before the 2015 UseR! conference in Denmark. We took the opportunity to present our research project "R as a Query Language".

  • Using the DBI package in Renjin to connect to a variety of databases (2015-06-24)

    R's DBI package provides unified access to a variety of databases. This package is now ported to Renjin and uses JDBC drivers in the background to achieve a nearly identical user experience as packages such as RSQLite, RPostgreSQL, RMySQL, MonetDB.R and ROracle.

  • New developer documentation and other news (2014-05-29)

    After a long period of silence surrounding Renjin, we are now back with a completely revised guide for Java and R developers as well as some new functionality for creating packages for Renjin.

  • Learning from NSF DALI 13 (2013-11-04)

    The DALI workshop brought together an amazing group of scientists, language implementors, and VM-wonks in one room last week. So many great ideas!

  • Deep Dive: Renjin's Vector Pipeliner (2013-07-30)

    Radford Neal started a great conversation with his comparison of Renjin, pqR and Riposte. I want to continue this conversation by going into a bit more depth about how Renjin's vector pipeliner works, and where we want to go with it.

  • Alex Bertram presents Renjin at the R user conference [video] (2013-07-21)

    If you missed the session at useR! 2013 or if you couldn’t attend the conference, here’s the video of Alex’ presentation of Renjin, the interpreter for the R programming language written in Java.

  • We're at UseR!2013 (2013-07-11)

    It's day two at the useR!2013 conference in Spain and we are seeing a lot of interest in using R for big data analytics. Most notably, we are seeing companies like Oracle and TIBCO devoting a lot of effort and resources in getting their products ready for R (or building a new closed-source R interpreter written in C++ in the case of TIBCO).

  • Preparing to launch Renjin at UseR!2013 (2013-06-27)

    We are pleased to announce that we will be officially launching Renjin at the User!2013 conference, which will be held July 9-13 in Albacete, Spain. Together with an official release version, we are preparing a new website with updated documentation and much more.